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Hard Wire Smoke/ Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement w/ 10 Year Lithium Battery Life

$252 for the first installer provided combination carbon/ smoke combo,

$207 for each additional combination carbon/ smoke detector,

$116 for each additional basic heat detector without smart features and 10-year lithium battery.

Replacement prices reflect whole home swap

The cost assumes you have both arc fault protection at the breaker powering your smoke detector circuit and a whole-home surge protection breaker. Please see our residential services and rates page for additional pricing.


Your start to a safer, healthier home.

This is the first all-in-one smart home safety device to integrate smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection with indoor air quality monitoring. It detects multiple airborne threats to home health and safety from a single, Wi-Fi-enabled device. And it comes equipped with the reliability of a 10-year, sealed-in lithium backup battery, so you can count on smoke and carbon monoxide detection—even if the power goes out.

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