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Light Fixture Installation

$135.00 per fixture, with a surcharge of $45 and up for ceilings over 10'.

Our basic fixture installation package includes the removal of an old fixture, and we'll install a single base-mounted fixture of basic style in the same location. This is a typical situation and is included in our standard pricing.  It also assumes that one man can hang the fixture in an hour or less. Any single fixture installation time beyond 1 hour or requiring a second man will incur an additional cost of $117 per man-hour.


Please note that for ceilings or walls that are 10' or more in height, there will be a surcharge of $45 and up.


If you have specialty designer fixtures that require special installation requirements and/or are valued at over $250, a surcharge will be applied based on the specific fixture. 


It's important to note that our cost assumes that arc fault protection is currently in place. If you need arc fault protection solutions, please refer to our rates page for more information.

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