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Generator Interlocking Kits


$1080 Installed

Are you looking to ensure flexibility and peace of mind during a power outage? Consider installing a panel interlocking kit, a 2 pole 30 amp breaker,  and wiring for a new 240 volt, 30 amp exterior generator outlet. This package comes at a reasonable price of $1080 installed and includes a 10' molded cord for easy attachment to your generator. Please note that you will need to supply your generator with a 240v, 30A, 4-prong twist locking outlet. This installation assumes you have an unfinished basement with a main breaker and 2 available breaker spaces and that the 30 amp exterior generator outlet will be installed on the exact opposite side of the electrical panel. With this kit, you'll have the ability to manage the loads you desire within reason in your home, ensuring maximum convenience and safety during an outage.

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